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Updated: Jan 22

I have a passion to help others with event decorations, and those planning a party who want to save money. Hiring an event planner may not be within your budget, so one way to do that is by minimizing the cost for your centerpieces.

Please click the link down below to learn how to make these wedding DIY and party Ideas,

Beautiful Centerpieces and Table Seating made out of Craft sticks.

These fabulous party centerpieces, that can fit any party theme, that can be used for a wedding or any party decorations. Imagine only needing craft sticks and a few flowers to created this beautiful centerpieces.

These centerpieces can be made for a sweet sixteen party. Or you can used to number the table at a Wedding.

Beautiful Table Seating made out of Craft sticks, very Inexpensive wedding DIY.

If you would like to get these beautiful flowers click the link below.

Inexpensive Seating Chart

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With these craft sticks I also made this centerpieces that can be use for a wedding or party

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