Balloons Centerpieces- No Helium needed!

I love balloon centerpieces and I think they are a great way to decorate for a party.

They are instantly festive. however, sometimes it is difficult to find helium, or you don't have time to run to the balloons shop to fill them, up or it is too expensive.

Looking for Unique table decorations to make your birthday party or baby shower sparkle?

One of these unique balloons centerpieces ideas will no doubt fit your theme. For instructions, please see the video down below. Here are some easy ways you can created a centerpieces using balloons without using helium!

Another great thing about this centerpiece is that you do not need helium. The balloon is held up by a balloon stick. This clever balloon stand DIY is perfect for your next party, the rest of the item I use to make these centerpieces I got from Dollar tree.

I have so many different centerpieces Ideas that you can do using balloons, make sure to check it out on my youtube channel.

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